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I declare that I am primarily engaged in the business of life insurance and that I wish to become an Associate / Provisional / Senior member of The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong Ltd.and that if elected. I agree to subscribe to the following Membership Pledge.

Membership Pledge

As a member of The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong Ltd., I pledge that I will always PLACE the interests of policyowners and prospective purchasers before those of any insurer of myself; AINTAIN the higest standards of professional competence in order to advise policyowners and prospective purchasers to the best of my ability; RESPECT the confidence of policyowners and prospective purchases ans carefully guard any information which becomes known to me regarding their personal and business affairs; UPHOLD the best interests of the institution of life insurance; and COMPLY with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, By-laws, and Code of Ethics of The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong Ltd.

*your company address will be your correspondence address.

Annual Membership is valid untill December 31 every year.

I understand that the information provided will become my record and may be used for all purposes relating to membership application, record keeping and all activities related to LUAHK. I also agree and accept that all photos and videos taken during my participation in LUAHK events would be used for publications. I understand and accept that the paid membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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