LUA Convention & IDA day 2020 (For LUA member only)
LUA Convention & IDA day 2020 (For LUA member only)
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*For Member use only* 

Date: 19-20 Aug 2020 (Event will be postponed. The new date for the event will be announced later.)

Time: 09:30 – 18:00

Venue : Convention Hall, HK Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai, HK

Event Theme : 日就月將‧擁抱鳳凰心 (With Steady Progress Day by Day; Heartily Spreading Wings like a Phoenix)

Participants : Expected 1,800 attendees

Ticket Price: HK$1,188 (Ticket for two: HK$1,788) For LUA member, please login your own account to purchase

  • No refund will be made if enrolment is successful. Seats are limited. 
  • If this event is cancelled due to bad weather, no refund will be made
  • No transfer of enrolment will be made.
  • LUAHK will not be responsible for any liability regarding the speaker's speech or opinions.
  • Any changes of the ceremony will not be notified individually in advance.
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